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Posted on: September 17, 2009 6:39 pm
Edited on: September 20, 2009 7:58 am

Kelsos Helmet Rankings Of Power Week 1

Well week one is in the books and Leodis McKelvin is due to be lynched today at noon.  How many times will the Bills let us down, it's really not a funny joke anymore.  Crazy week 1 in the NFL and just as crazy in the BAFF as always.

1) FEAR & LOATHING (12) - We have a first in the Rankings of Power, this team goes worst to first in one weeks time.  Making a statement in week 1 with a 68 point trouncing of Huffy!  Took the power rankings advise with starting Hasselback and it payed off.  Dont count on 43 points out of Philly every week though.  Slaton should rebound and Kevin Smith will be a top 10 back this year. Fitz picked up where he left off and Hines and Welker do what they do quietly all year.  Don't let your head get too big, it's only week 1 big guy.

2) BACKYARD BRAWLERS (8) - I'll give credit where credit is due, Jeffy knocked off the champ so he has earned this spot.  Still not sold on the squad though bud.  QB is a mess. Who would have thouht Fred Jackson would run wild on monday night in NEW England! WR's backed up your smack talk for at least week 1, but it's a long season. Enjoy life at the top cuz it's a rough tumble to the bottom.

3) KELSOS HELMET (1) - Put up a respectable 107 points, led by the man Drew Brees who is on pace for 96 TD's this year haha  Woulda coulda shoulda made some different roster moves and won this game.  Could quite possibly now have the most deep running back stable with Cadilacc, Jones, Grant, Hightower (who caught 12 passes), and Mike Bell, Mike Bell will out point both Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas this year, could be like Slaton slipping to me on waivers last year, or he could be Like Rudi Johnson.  Remember I started 0-3 last year and despite what Jeffy tries to say, Brandon Jacobs and Peyton Manning had virtually the same fantasy points after we made the trade.  Earl Bennet was targeted 13 times Sunday, thats right behind only Moss, Reggie Wayne, and Calvin Johnson!  He's looking like Cutlers guy.  Look for the Helmet to Strap it back on next week against rival Green Bowl Packers! Strap it on? Hmmmm... Maybe that wasn't the right choice of words.

4) HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE (6) - Knocked off the other team in last years championship game deserves a spot jump.  Romo looks like he's gunna be strong this year, but get used to Turner flopping, Jacobs should be a horse this week, Cotchery could have a Roddy White type of breakout season this year and we saw what type of offense Colston is in.  Graham and Mendenhall are in 3 back systems and that is not rosterable in fanatsy, look for an upgrade here.  Percy Harvin is more out of the Roscoe Parrish mold, I don't expect him to be an elite WR soon. Battling Balco this week and it should be a good one.

5) GREEN BOWL PACKERS (3) - Holmes is your Homie and i'm the bandwagon too , What will we see from Lee this week? Steve Smith is completetly off my list until Delhomme is upgraded....11 turnovers in his last 2 games!!!!!!! The guy is not an NFL QB anymore.  Palmer will rebound and probably be the straw that stirs the drink to beat me this week.  Eagles could lean heavily on Westbrook with McNAbb out this week and MJD is the only thing good in Jacksonvile.  Keep working on Jeff for McCoy, you'll need him soon enough.  Better gring you A game this week dummy.

6) BALCO LABS (4) - Balco snuck out a cheap win against a TOnight the Riot squad that still thought it was preseason.  Won't win many more weeks scoring 72 though Cub.  Team has 3 stars surround by piles of poop.  Sproles the lightning bug steps in for Lendale white this week who woulda thought youd be starting Sproles week 2?  Anthony Gonzales out kills an already week WR squad.  Don't think Devery is the savior. Ginn needs to be upgraded asap also. Tony G did have a nice debut in Hotlanta though. Needs to make some tweaks or this team could tumble down the ranks.

7) HYDRO HUSKIES (5) - Huskies bark got smacked up by the silent Rodgers Raiders.  Already smacked with an LT injury, Kurt Warner showed his age...TO needs to get involved, Eddie Royal doesn't seem to be the key in Denver like wehn Cutler was there.  Felix Jones is a borderline #3 back and now he steps into your #2 role. Facing #1 ranked Fear and Loathing this week so things could get worse.  Im predicting a Warner injury this week too!!  Sorry bud.

8) PETERPHILE (7) - AP will only get you so far.  The rest of your teams looks scarce! WR are horrid, although Dallas Clark should step it up with A Gonzalez out.   Big Game against the commish could get him out to a 2-0 start but it'll be tough to kee this stone rolling.

9) TONIGHT THE RIOT (3) - Rodgers and Moss will have to carry this team, the running back carousel started with drafting Pierre Thomas, I was not a fan, and still am not.  Better hope Knowshon starts to figure things out.  Also sends the worst trade offers in the league, but at least he makes offers.  I see you are a fan of Bush (Michael and Reggie), but like any 80's porno that's out of style! 

10) THURMAN IN HIS PRIME (9) - With McNabb down this team looks like a peewee team.  Don't expcect to ride Julius Jones to a championship!  Longwell could be your high scorer this week. 

11) A FIGHTING CHANCE (10) - You dissapointed me Huffy! You got completely slaughtered last week.  Chris Johnson isn't a first round back, I dont think.  Portis's best days could be behind him.  Flacco and Benson could be 2 of your better players at years end.  In a bottom feeder battle this week against the Raiders, it'll will be a close one!

12) RODGERS RAIDERS (11) - It's good to see your face on the message boards Dustin even, if Ben doesn't think it's cool.  How bout some Playing Time for Heyward-Bey? Michael Clayton will not solve any problems this week.  Addai will not be the starting back in Indy by week 8.  Fuck tom Brady and Ben Watson for life!

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