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Posted on: September 5, 2008 3:25 pm

Projection Power Rankings

The first preseason rankings were probably the hardest I have ever done.  There's just to much stuff left unknown at this point in the season.  I admit it was very random ranking process used so I decided to rank all 12 teams with a different method using the projection points that cbs gives for every member on each team not the guru points but projected stats for the season and simply ranked from highest total to least.  I was quite shocked with the outcome. The results may shock you....

1) Green Bowl Packers - 2106 projected points
2) Backyard Brawlers - 1997
3) Tonight The Riot - 1963
4) BTAN - 1929
5) Hydro Huskies - 1917
6) Fear & Loathing - 1899
7) Balco Labs - 1895
8) A Fighting Chance - 1861
9Tied) Ron Mexico - 1835
9Tied) Home Field Advantage - 1835
11) Thurman In His Prime - 1785
12) Kelsos Helmet - 1663

HA! Almost a reverse order than my Rankings Of Power!  We all know what a good predictor the  cbs "guru" is, but to be honest I could give two shits what cbs predicts, theyre' not half as guru as Kelsos Helmet.
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